Frankie 的马拉松故事

Hi CH85 runmates,

I have planned not to consume any solid food the day before the run.
Perhaps Oats with milk powder for my 3 meals is the best choice.
Finally I didn't stick to my plan & whack a heavy breakfast follow with a yummy lunch
with an excuse that having oats for dinner is good enough to clear my stomach.
Approaching dinner the Angel is battling with the Devil and you guys guess who will WIN......Ha ha....
I also planned to sleep immediate after my dinner but my wife & kids keep on talking to me till 10:30pm.
I have no choice to be rude and stop the conversation and said hey, I have to have a nap now or else
will get into trouble during my run. Went down stair set my alarm clock at 2400hrs placed besides my sofa then switch off the light.
Like my wife frying the fish on the hot pan turning front & back, up & down worry setting the alarm clock wrongly check again & again.
Give up at 1130pm get myself dress up & leave for egate. 1145pm try to deposit some CASH into the bank at egate, FAILED!!!
Received wake up SMS from GK around 1155pm & go to bank again and managed to deposit some 5cents coin. NOT satisfied.
When we reach Q'bay at once queuing up to safeguard our luggage.
3 members watering those plants near the roundabout and I dare not to fertilize the plants at the same spot.
Asking around where is the toilet and managed to deposit some more 10, 20 & 50cents coin BUT all the NOTES still in my pocket.
Looking for some Power Bar/Gel at all the counter and understand that there is no supply.
I started the run as my usual pace of 7 to 7-1/2min.
Surprisingly a lot of FM runner starting with this pace which is different experience as 21KM HM where many runner will overtake me during the 1st 5KM. After the Seagate U-turn BT run at comfortable pace follow by WH just 50m behind where I exclaimed "Are U sure, so fast?" then with a Hi 5.

TP is 100m behind & saw GK 150m later. HH gv me a very painful high 5.
Met a group of runner accompanying a runner blind folded himself for some charity purposes.
I met an I-run senior veteran runner who is always 5 to 10 min behind myself during the WWW LSD.
This is his 2nd FM where he had failed the 1st one at SCKLM.
At 33KM+ suffering great pain from back bone & neck nerve and have no choice to give up.
Why don't you walk till the finishing line, he said can't even walk a single step!
Wave good bye n continue my journey.
At the bridge most of the toilet is occupied & a short queue can be seen.
 Hold until 19KM the Pakcik fr the PBSB office said "ada toilet dalam, buang dulu".... ha ha ha kau tim
At 21KM overtook another runner whom is 5 to 10mins ahead of my HM & his 1st FM is 5hrs 27min.
He is a skinny, tall & fair decent looking runner whom always doing his LSD to floating mosque.
The most torturing part is that I have to use my mental power/strength at this early stage bcoz from 19KM onwards you can see almost 50% of FM runner start walking & reaching the HM u-turn almost 70 to 80% runner surround you are start walking???
22KM, Met another friend GJ from SP(my wife school/classmate) whom PBIM'10 HM is 2hrs 24mins.
We are cursing why the water station is packing up??? As most of the FM runner worry will this happen to the rest of the water station? I try to speed up to the next water station as soon as possible.
Along the way after this water station can witness some runner picking up the bottle idling on the road and drink the remaining water.
I am really too thirsty & trying to do the same but the luck is not at my side.
Not worry about dehydration but suddenly the mood of running seems to be affected.
I was so hungry and take a bun with some water/100+ at the PBridge mid span.
25KM, What the heck n who is the one producing the irritating whistle beeping here & there!

Saw an Indian dark in skin 5ft 4in tall slightly over weight asking around, hey man "you can do it",
"come on", "are you OK" n so on......suddenly I was busy body & try to follow his pace wondering
who is this stranger. Suddenly a big hand clap on my shoulder "wei run so fast ah!!!"
What the hell is our Dr. HH claimed that no mood, tired & sleepy.
HH said that indian guy is Mohan from Sgpr whom has run more than a hundred FM???
I was triggered by this statement & try to echo his action and start clapping hand with HH and shouting "we can do it, come on, let's go"
Those walker surround Mohan were motivated and suddenly start running at least 20 of them in numbers.
My turbo power suddenly switch on & continue running at my normal pace again leaving HH & Mohan behind. Sorry...
At around 30KM met TP on the other side running at steady pace and can hear from him, GK is 200m ahead of you.
I took it as a note & continue my usual pace. After a few minutes, the guy looks like GK appears 5m in front of me.
I overtook HH by no intention more over he said that he is sleepy, tired & no mood and also I was triggered by Mohan.
In fact at 33KM I met Mohan again at my opposite lane and I quickly approach him to shake hand and say "thank you" for his motivation.
In GK case, I was confuse, never or dare not to dream that I can see his shadow during the FM.
I slow down my pace bcoz feel shy to overtake him. After several ten of meter later change my mind that why not motivate him & run together to the finishing line. When I approach him, he sent me a very quick, clear & straight forward message "I can't go already, pls go ahead".
At that moment, I am still no sure where am I? Whether I am fast he is slow or I am usual pace he is even slower, I am slow and he is even slower than me bcoz I have no WATCH.
Before calming down, I saw BT then 100m later WH at my opposite lane walking?

What are you doing, BT? He explained that leg suffering from muscle cramp.
WH said: "JAM liao" "Lu boh jam meh?"
Replied: I am still OK at the moment.
Before this, I grab a power gel & swallow all of them and not so worry about stomach upset because there are some portable toilet & bushes along Jelutong highway.
At 35KM, saw Ah Ghee Ghee, Loh Soon Hock, GJ at opposite lane. Wish to get another pack of power gel on my way back, the officer lean backward and said unfriendly 1 pack for 1 runner only. I said I need it, he repeat 1 runner for 1 only. Then I saw some banana on the table and quickly grab 1 for myself.
Met a new friend from Ipoh whom he claimed that suffering from waist injury at the bridge where he was knock down by other runner on the bridge divider.
He said that usually he can make it at 4hrs 30min but due to this injury he has revised his goal to 5hrs....
I am so excited & ask him ARE YOU SURE? bcoz I am very comfortable with his pace, in fact I know I can lead him some more!!!
Then he look at his watch and said now is 4hrs 18min at 35KM. I quickly do a fast mathematic calculation: 7minx7KM=49min + 4hrs 18min = 5hrs 7mins....
Hey you are wrong!!! Unless we are 6min pace.....then exactly at 5hrs. Soon we reach a water station, I decided to stop for water but he continue to run.
Very soon he has out of my sight.
The mood just gone & try to find another running buddy. Ha, I met Low Yoong Sin (GK's ex-student) at 37KM walking..
Come on let motivate each other till the end. He said FM not easy loh..We just run together for 500m and he said his pain at his leg is unbearable.
I continue alone. Till 41KM, I wish to speed up to 6min pace BUT my devil said to me what is the different by 1min faster.........My Angel loss again.
At the finishing line, I keep on asking the worker where is the lane for FM, but it seems that all the HM runner also go into the same lane as well.
The HM runner were asked to divert to other lane before reaching the finishing medal & "T". Give me "Medium" size.......I was relief after receiving my finishing "T" which is my ultimate aim. Then only I realize, what is my time, quickly turn around and saw 5:13:13 display at the board...(Chip time 5:11:58)
Surprisingly I do not suffer from any injury/bruises/blister except muscle fatigue.
Sun - walking not smooth as usual
Mon - walking OK but climbing up & down staircase not smooth
Tue - can jump and run.
The Friday physical do help in my FM???
Thanks You for your patience.

Best Regards,
Frankie Choy


槟威国际马拉松赛(PBIM)终于过去了,我们那几个报名跑Full Marathon (42.195km)的“疯子”终于可以卸下肩上的压力。被我们“辜负”了好一阵子的星期六聚会终于可以重新获得器重,不可以再让这个有意义的集会死气沉沉!

所以,上星期二我透过电话短信通知弟兄们,这个星期六我们将有集会,地点是在我们的郑双安弟兄的家,也就是Strait Quay那一带的住宅区。毕竟假期季节,植物园一带很塞车,所以换一换环境也是不错的。




像上一回在双安家的集会一样,我们沿着Strait Quay海边跑着,享受美丽的风景以及凉凉的海风。跑到Starit Quay尾端时,天空飘下了绵绵的细雨,感觉真好!





2011 PBIM